Finding the Order Routing Model for the Best Omnichannel Fulfillment Results

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Is your planned routing strategy as efficient as it should be?

Discover key strategies for designing flexible order distribution and routing tailored to your business.

Combined with faster delivery, providing clients with more fulfillment options and an exceptional omnichannel experience is without a doubt a priority for all modern retailers. An increasing number of retailers are leveraging their local stores as fulfillment centers to offer BOPIS and Ship-from-Store options in order to meet customers' expectations and reduce fulfillment costs. 

Getting omnichannel fulfillment right so you can reap all the benefits requires that you can combine fulfillment from stores and distribution centers and properly route orders to the most optimal fulfillment location. For Ship-from-Store scenarios where you likely have several options of where to fulfill an order from, determining the most effective routing model for your needs might be more complicated than it seems, and you likely need a combination of approaches across different regions. This is especially true when you’ve got hundreds or even thousands of stores distributed globally, and with maybe a combination of corporate and franchise owned stores.

This eBook will answer three fundamental questions to achieve the best omnichannel fulfillment results:

  • Why fulfillment from the closest store might not be the right solution?
  • What is the smartest order routing model for omnichannel fulfillment?
  • What strategies should you use for designing flexible order distribution and routing tailored to your business?