3 ways to exceed customer expectations with order fulfillment

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Did you know that 37% of shoppers who order online and pick up in-store make additional purchases they were not planning on?

Customers love the freedom to shop from anywhere and to pick up their order in their store of choice. It also offers the opportunity for retailers re-engage with them. By providing a consistent omni-channel experience through every touchpoints, retailers are delivering extra value to their clients while also increasing their revenue. 

In this ebook, you’ll learn how to implement 3 order fulfillment strategies to improve customer satisfaction:

  • Buy online, pickup in-store – boost your sales while leveraging your local stores as fulfillment centers with endless aisle
  • In-store order fulfillment - empower store associates with the mobile tools to get instant access to all the information they need to prepare the orders and guarantee on-time delivery
  • Product return management – offer the possibility to return online purchases in store to increase client satisfaction and reduce return management costs